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Goldendoodles of Morganton Proud Partners

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Proud to be a Member of Good Dog

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Why Choose TLC Pet Food?

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How We Raise Our Puppies

At Goldendoodles of Morganton We use Puppy Culture from Birth to Home. 
The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are incredibly important. This is an almost magical time when a breeder has the power to change the outcome of a puppy’s life by what we choose to teach the puppy. By doing just the right things at just the right time, we can give your puppy the best start possible.

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DNA Testing

At Goldendoodles of Morganton we use Embark DNA Testing For our Parents

We are committed to healthy and happy Doodle Babes

Embark performs a Health screening on our sample. 

The Genetic analysis can reveal potential health conditions that are important to clear before breeding begins. 

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At GOM we Raise our puppies the BAB way!

Puppies are raised to believe in themselves and be the best they can be through guiding emotional responses, meeting their innate needs in order, building confidence through intentional and purposeful curriculum and handling that aligns to their sensitive developmental benchmarks and lastly evaluating each puppy prior to placement to ensure their voice is heard and they are honored and respected not only with their breeder but with their new human as well.

Partners: The BAB Way!!

How to Crate Train your dog step by step

Click Link Below 

How to Crate Train your Dog

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